Spotlight On The Collection: Rope Bed located in our Taylor Log Cabin.

Welcome to the North American Black Historical Museum

Discover Black history in thought-provoking exhibits and story-soaked surroundings. Journey through a home of escaped slaves and a church that began lives of freedom. Join us to explore a past rich with dreams, struggle and accomplishment here to inform and inspire our lives today.

The North American Black Historical Museum welcomes all people of all ages to experience Black history in a unique setting.

The Museum building includes the Cultural Centre, a gathering place for special events and functions. The complex also includes historic structures. Connected to the Museum is the Taylor Log Cabin, an historic residence. The Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church stands next door to complete the complex. The grounds serve for gathering, resting and transitions.

Amherstburg meant freedom, as the Canadian destination for many Black people escaping slavery in the United States. The Museum is uniquely situated to resource a profound history, steeped in its surroundings, to further extend public knowledge and enjoyment.

The Museum features an original residence and church of former slaves, toward its mandate to acquire, preserve, interpret, research and exhibit a collection of objects of historical and cultural value.

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